BORO-SHOTS SF4 is an advanced ceramic powder based on boron nitride (white graphite) for bullet coating. It is used as a replacement for moly (molybdenum disulfide) and shows the following advantages:

  • clean work
  • no black dust
  • non-toxic (important for the coating of hunting bullets)
  • no dirt in the barrel
  • no corrosion
  • perfect results from the first shot

These findings have been obtained from the American point shooter, as shown on the side


The shooting results presented here were shot with 308 Win caliber with 168 grains SMK, coated with boron nitride BORO SHOTS SF4, each of 5 rounds at 100m, riflescope ZF Nightforce 2, reticle DD2.


Shooting results with 5 rounds 6mm PPC with 70 grains SMK shot, coated with boron nitride BORO-SHOTS SF4. Russian sleeve OAL 54.5, 24.3 grains of N120, sleeve 2x. Measured with Mehl 3msk difference, Brömel 942msk, measured 965msk. This and the following images were not shot with ZF 42-fold, but with 26-fold magnification!


Shooting results with 10 rounds 6mm PPC, measured 3.2 msk difference, coated with boron nitride BORO-SHOTS SF4

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 Boron-Nitride-Powder for Bullet Coating




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