The following steps show how bullets can be coated be projectiles coated with boron nitride BORO-SHOTS SF4:

1. Clean bullets thoroughly with acteone in order to remove dirt and grease from deep drawing.

2. Tumble bullets for 3 hours with steel balls (3.2mm∅) with addition of 3 grains (200mg) BORO-SHOTS SF4, then sieve.


Bullets are tumbled with 3mm steel balls in boron nitride BORO-SHOTS SF4.

3. Tumble bullets with fresh corn cop for 5 minutes, then sieve. The bullets look like having a dust of sugar.


Corn cop for tumbling bullets.

4. Bullets should be wiped clean using a soft cloth, the projectiles have a nearly transparent layer of BORO-SHOTS SF4 with a light, silky shine on.


Bullets, coated with boron nitride BORO-SHOTS SF4.


Bullets coated with Boron nitride BORO-SHOTS SF4, right out of the tumbler.( 330grs. Leheigh-Match) (Leheigh compared to raw Cal.50BMG Match projectile). It turns out that, compared to normal mantle bullets you have just to work a little longer with the steel balls + ca 30min.

These bullets are not "polished", after cleaning the surface of the granules is then identical to a normal jacketed bullet.

As it stands, SOLID-hunting bullets can be coated easily too, like Barnes X, oder JAGUAR classic.

Photo: M.G.Uekötter

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